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Archive for March, 2010

Intel SLIC 2.1 Modding Possible!

Hey Everyone

Im happy to announce that Intel SLIC 2.1 Modding is now available for all Intel Motherboards.

Please read Here for more info.


Calling All Beta Testers!

As we continue to add new unlocked bioses to the forum, I have decided to launch a new beta project for the community. When someone requests a BIOS to be unlocked, it usually means we take the current BIOS (from the OEM) and unhide whatever may be locked. Now we have launched a new project, which the best demostration of today is the RETAIL bios for the Nettle2/Acer boards. The new project is simple, we are trying to match OEM boards to their retail counterpart, and do whatever is neccesary to make the retail work flawlessly on the OEM board. In order to do this, I will soon launch a new page that will keep track of all the boards we are looking into, one’s we are testing, and boards that we have successfully converted to a retail version. So, here’s the catch. We need you! to step up and volunteer to help test the retail bios versions. While we will probably not be able to cover all of the requested boards, we hope to get members to test boards they are interested with people who are familiar with hotflashing or programming their chip after a BIOS failure. I also will need a small (very small) team who will help keep track of current boards that are being looked into. If you are interested, please PM me and I will establish whether you fit the profile. After we get a initial “team” to get the ball rolling, we will still need as many of you as we can to confirm that the retail bioses are working. I already have most of my team assembled, but if you are interested in helping with the project, please PM or email me.

We Have Installed The Wibiya Toolbar!

After seeing some other sites with this toolbar , i dug through the source to work out exactly what it was. Being so impressed i installed it into our forums!

The Wibiya toolbar provides the following features:-

Live Notifications – Send messages to users in real time!
Translate – Direct translation to Chinese , Dutch , English , French , German , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Portugese , Russian And Spanish.
Recent Posts – Viewed direct from toolbar!
Whos Online
Latest RSS Posts
Share – Allows visitors to share the current page via email , Myspace , Facebook , Twitter , Google Bookmarks , Delicious and more!
Live Chat Room

Enjoy the new features! , I can also browse the consistently updated application library and install some other features too!


HP Nettle2/3 COMPAQ IRIS8 and Acer Aspire E380 Unlocked RETAIL Bios

We finally have some really really exciting news. The battle for these common boards to have stable OC menus, voltage modification, Phenom II support, and a professional retail BIOS has finally come. Our most helpful members banana19 and MrTangoWhiskey have found an ABIT retail BIOS, that successfully flashes to all of the OEM boards mentioned with full control of voltage, OC, and has support for all Phenom I/II proccessors.

So before we get to specifics, a brief timeline on the modding proccess for this motherboard. This has been going on for over a year, and it has taken a lot of support and research to get this board where it should be. We originally started off modifying the HP BIOS for the board. we were able to get overclocking options from it, but the menu was very unstable and items were always floating on the screen. After about 8 months of searching for the solution within the HP BIOS, we realized that poor coding quality in the BIOS was unfixable, and it was time to find the retail fit. I had been doing research on this when a kind member on the forum pointed that this BIOS had all the goods. Its version numbers were similar, it had the same chipset (BIOS donated from ABIT board) and abit has always been known for having overclocking options. With this unlock, we have unlocked what we would see in a retail award bios. The most appealing features are control of AMD Cool and Quiet, Adjustment of CPU FSB, and even setting the voltage and memory timings.